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Hildale Tiny Dancers£5.0030mins

Hildale Tiny Dancers - Our NEW parent and toddler class from walking to 2.5yrs

Your Tiny Dancer will begin their journey into the dancing world with you by their side. We will introduce them to basic dance techniques, improve coordination, balance and posture whilst strengthening their little muscles.

We incorporate props, parachutes, funky dancing, ballet, singing and lots of bonding exercises for a super fun and exciting 30 minute session. Social skills will develop alongside confidence with an understanding of their bodies and surrounding space.

Tots - (Pre school class 3yrs until full time school)

This 45minute class is quite fast moving, lively and very popular where basic classical ballet is introduced through the use of creative and imaginative dance and Melody Bear.

Melody Bear is the focal point of the early years syllabi and her imaginative stories, music, songs and picture cards create an inspirational world of dance and movement.

The non-competitive syllabi and award schemes motivate, delight and inspire the young dancers as they advance.

Current music will be used for ‘Funky?dancing. The children will sing altogether and individuals are encouraged to sing alone if they so wish. The class finishes with a short introduction to tap dancing.


Ballet technique is the basis for all dance forms. Promoting good poise and posture, requiring a high level of strength and technique therefore enhancing a good alignment of the body ultimately giving a sense of grace and fluidity.


Modern dance is designed to give the dancer style. It strengthens the entire body particularly the ‘core?(Abdomen and lower spine)

As the students progress through the levels inner quality is developed alongside technique, strength and mobility.

Modern Theatre Dance is the genre typically used in West End productions and musicals.


Tap classes are usually a favourite with most pupils. Encouraging children to develop their rhythmic quality whilst maintaining good posture to enable clean body line and a natural style.


Based on ballet technique Jazz dance requires a well trained and disciplined body. Jazz dance styles are changing all the time influenced considerably by music of today.

Jazz classes are only offered to pupils who are of a grade 4 modern standard.


‘The distinguishing characteristic of all drama activity is that it involves children adopting a role. Children are engaged in drama learning by behaving ‘as if??They were someone or something other than themselves. This simple shift in perspective enables children to consider the world from a different viewpoint?(Readman &Lamont, (1994), BBC Education, p9)

During a 45mins class we aim to stimulate the creative imagination, encourage progressive thinking and decision making, promote clarity and correctness of speech, build self confidence without immodesty and respect work of others. To achieve our aims we use acted stories, role play, improvisation, tongue twisters, verse and prose, script work, mime and tableau.

Senior students are encouraged to take LAMDA examinations whilst younger children work on specific drama activities based on the aims and objectives referred to above.


Junior and senior singing classes are held at Hildale and are taught with a real sense of fun and achievement. Students will develop their technique in correct breathing, diction, harmonizing, tuning and tone. All students are encouraged to perform regularly whether in a class environment or at an organized concert. Whether singing on their own or as part of an ensemble students will find singing an excellent method to help build confidence.

Application Forms

To enroll your child with Hildale Academy, firstly you need to download the Pre-Registration form from below. Please complete and return with ?.00 registration fee in order to secure your child a place. Our admissions secretary will contact you as soon as places become available (Cheque made payable to Hildale Academy).

Once your child has successfully enolled in the Academy, you will need to print and complete the Enrolment Form, this must be brought to your childs first session.