The Hildale Academy of Performing Arts


Terms and conditions

This rolling agreement is made between the student or the parent/guardian of each student (if under 18) and The Hildale Academy of Performing Arts. It is valid always whilst the child/student is enrolled at the School and until notice is given in accordance with clause 3d below.

Terms and conditions

1. The Principal reserves the right to terminate any student’s classes at any point throughout their training.

2. UNIFORM must be correct for the relevant class and hair tied back (bun for ballet).

3. FEES All class must be paid for whether attended or not the only exception being holiday of not less than one week for dance classes only.

    a. Notification of holidays must be in advance on a holiday form which is obtainable from the class teacher.

    b. Fees should be paid within the first two weeks of each half term.

    c. Unpaid fees will incur interest on the next half term invoice.

    d. Notice of six weeks must be given if leaving the school, in order to terminate this agreement.

        i.  Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend class until the completion of the notice period.

        ii. Fees will not be refunded if a student decides to leave during the course.*

4. HTD classes are payable whether attended or not – No holiday policy applies.

5. Children in lessons are under the care and supervision of the teacher or any cover teacher.
Children who have breaks between classes or wait for classes to start/ to be collected are NOT
under the supervision or the responsibility of the teacher. Hildale is NOT responsible for yourchild whenthey are not in a a class.

6. It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to notify Hildale of any change of contact details/medical condition.

*Unless a student has to leave for medical purposes (a Doctor’s letter will be required in these circumstances).


The Hildale Academy of Performing Arts - GDPR

It is essential for this business to hold your Child’s data.

1. Data held of your child
    a. Full name, DOB, Address, Home telephone number, Mobile number, email
    b. Parent/Guardian Name
    c. Any Medical conditions

2. It will be held on a secure, password protected IT computer system in the company’s office.
Only the Managing Director Carol Bebbington, Company secretary Alan Harding and Administrator have access to this information.

3. Hard copy of enrolment forms will be held at the office in a secure locked filing cabinet.

4. Hard copy of contact details will be held in a secure locked filing cabinet at studio 2 and
Rochford Methodist church hall (for emergency use only).

5. It is necessary to share your child’s data with the ISTD examination department for your
child to be entered for examinations in any genre.

6. It may be necessary for me to share data with Essex County Council to obtain a performance
license to participate in shows.

7. No data will be sold or shared to any third party.

8. Once your child has left the Hildale Academy data will be stored for six years for tax and
accountancy requirements. Hard copy of any data will be destroyed (shredded)

9. CCTV is in operation in the forecourt of studios at;
    30 Main Road 
    SS5 4QS 
    This is for security purposes only and footage will automatically be deleted after 20 days.