Rolex honors presented Domingo to lead the opera

September 7, 2016, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, rolex replica watches hand in front of the National Theater, presented by the world famous Spanish tenor singer Placido Domingo (Plácido Domingo) starred in the Verdi opera "Mike White". As the world's top watch brand uk replica watches spokesperson and the world famous tenor singer, Domingo although nearly eighty years old, still on the road of the art of unremitting exploration and pursuit. Following the 2015 and rolex uk hand in hand to give the Waldorf masterpiece "Simon Pocanera", once again came to the National Grand Theater. "Macbeth" and "Hamlet", "King Lear", "Othello" and known as Shakespeare "four tragedies", by describing the strong ambition of Macbeth and distorted, sink and destruction of the process, reflects the Rich social content, embodies Shakespeare's humanism. This edition of "Macbeth" is directed by Daniel Ouren, the commander, directed by the talented director, Hugo De Ana. Domingo featuring opera actor Macbeth, actress by the famous Chinese female singer Sun Xiuwei starred. In 1847, the Italian composer Verdi according to the Piave script will "Macbeth" onto the opera stage. "Macbeth" is not only Verdi's first career in the Shakespeare drama adaptation of the opera, but also the early opera of Verdi is still staged, and a strong artistic influence and appeal of the classic. Opera "Macbeth" is not only faithful to the original Shakespeare, but also to a strong dramatic music to tap the inner desire and fear of the characters, and the original "knock on the door", "sleepwalking" and other scenes have a stirring performance. Famous international tenor singer Mr. Placido Domingo is one of the most outstanding performing artists in the history of opera. It is famous for its unique voice and powerful interpretation. Domingo has been a spokesperson for Rolex brand since 1982. He is not only a legendary figure in the music industry, but also generous, enthusiastic mentor, has been fully support the outstanding talent of young artists. He founded the "Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition", from 2001 onwards for 16 consecutive years to get Rolex sponsorship. Domingo once explained his connection with Rolex: "Production, assembly and testing of Rolex watches into the time, courage and skills, as the preparation of music to the stage on the process, the same care about quality. Rolex pursuit of perfection and excellence, to support the art world of talented individuals and institutions. Domingo and his artistic pursuit are vividly interpreting this idea. This is Rolex spokesperson Domingo for the majority of Chinese opera enthusiasts presented another audiovisual feast, once again demonstrated Rolex has long been excellent support for outstanding artists, as well as the global cultural and artistic cause of the infinite enthusiasm.